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Uncertainty is your Superpower


September 13 – 15, 2019

Full Ecology Immersion Experiences are designed to reconnect you with your essential human nature through guided direct experience. To deep wisdom, joy, and wholeness. Instead of therapy, instead of vacations that can yield more exhaustion than respite, choose a retreat that returns you to your innate sense of belonging and inner knowing.

This will be a fascinating journey of exploration, uncovering how the wisdom of the natural world expresses itself without fail in each of us. This is kinship at its deepest level. It offers reliable guidance through all that is beautiful, messy, and irreplaceable in being human.

Immerse yourself with us in an unforgettable autumn weekend of guided conversation, writing, meditation and hiking. Our home base will be the wild edge of northern Yellowstone, in the magnificent Elk River Lodge – an inn that was recently filmed by National Geographic. Through intimate, small-group experiences we’ll explore the power of uncertainty through Nature’s eyes; in particular, how we can align ourselves with that uncertainty to bring new levels of creative freedom and calm to our daily lives.


Campfire Sessions
spirits ‘n s’mores and an introduction to the power of mystery

Morning Movement
guided sunrise stretching and yoga

getting to know the power in leaning into uncertainty

Heart and sun icon

reliable ways for finding connection, resilience, and the gift of loss, transition, and uncertainty

Writing Workshop Option
hands-on writing workshop led by celebrated author, Gary Ferguson

Picnic Lunches in the Yellowstone Ecosystem
beautiful packed lunches as you explore this abundant land


Personal Time in the Natural World
options ranging from nearby hikes to wildlife viewing from the balcony


The Saturday evening wine dinner is a highlight of our retreat
With locally sourced ingredients, chef Michael Ruhland will create an experience that is at the heart and soul of every rich human life—a beautiful meal, shared with warmth, wine, and friends.

Connecting back to the source of food and sharing meals together is a crucial way we can combat the isolation and distractions (and therefore disconnection) of the lives that run us ragged. This exquisite wine dinner reminds us to slow down and savor every moment. All special dietary needs can be accomomdated.

Cheese Course
2018 MassAlto Sauvalanche

Organic Chicken, Sweet Corn Succotash,
Maple Miso Butter
2016 Valo Cellars Reserve Chardonnay

Montana Wagyu Tenderloin, Truffle Potato Puree,
Chanterelle Mushrooms
2016 Valo Cellars Reserve Syrah

Green Tea & Honey Pot de Creme, Brûlée Fig
2016 Valo Cellars Riesling

Mary Clare & Gary Ferguson

Across her 30 years of experience as a consultant, professor and scholar, Mary M Clare, Ph.D. has worked to repair the separation that isolates people from each other and from the natural world. In organizations as diverse as government agencies, NGOs, school districts, higher education, she supports high character leadership bridging diverse perspectives and priorities. In communities and families, with individuals and groups she helps people listen across differences. As a Fellow in the American Psychological Association, she has contributed over 100 articles to the scholarly literature and authored two books, most recently 100 Voices – Americans Talk about Change (2011), a book that reveals enduring wisdom and immediate guidance in times of sweeping cultural change. Most recently, she has joined with her husband, science writer, Gary Ferguson, to keynote and run workshops on their shared passion for Full Ecology – Reclaiming Our Human Nature.

Gary Ferguson is the author of 26 books on science and nature. The Los Angeles Times described his recent memoir, The Carry Home: Lessons from the American Wilderness, as “a big-hearted, soul searching memoir”; the work was later selected as “Nature Book of the Year” by the prestigious Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Meanwhile his environmental piece “A Deeper Boom,” in Orion Magazine, received the “Best Essay of the Year” award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Ferguson has been a Seigle Scholar at Washington University, St. Louis as well as the William Kittredge Distinguished Writer at the University of Montana. He continues to be a frequent contributor to a wide variety of publications, including Vanity Fair, Orion and the Los Angeles Times. Most recently he’s joined his wife, social psychologist Mary M. Clare, Ph.D., merging natural and social science in what they call “Full Ecology.”


First Days on the Road

We're safe in a coffee shop in Pueblo. Made it onto the highway after the snow and ice in Colorado Springs last night. Only rain falling now. True to form, it's all improv on this trip. A lot like nature.  Along the way, we're listening. Here's some of what we've...

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Conversations from the Climate Highway

We're on our way! Packing up Pearl the van and heading out to listen to what you have to say about climate and community.  We'll start in Sheridan, Wyoming and then head to the Denver area. From there we'll make our way to Texas with stops in Dallas, Denton, Austin,...

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By now – two weeks and counting into the new year, we’re already finding ourselves at the, Can I really follow through on what I resolved? part of the program. The turning of a year can’t help but bring up possibilities for revision, for improvement. Those ideas often...

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The Light Still Shining

Today marks the winter solstice. From this time of deep darkness our attention is naturally drawn to the glittering guidance of whatever scattered light there is. All the while beneath ground, teeming activity is underway to fortify and prepare root systems of giant...

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Gratitude for what Sustains

Maybe you’re gathering with family this weekend. Maybe with friends. And maybe you’re spending the time alone. Whatever the case, there’s little denying the tensions surrounding Thanksgiving in 2019. In these days of public discord, usual glitches in the ways we are...

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Thinking Nature

NOTE: Gary's book The Eight Master Lessons of Nature is out as of October 22 - in the US with Dutton, and in Dutch translation with Ten Have. We just returned from the Netherlands for a rich round of interviews and for team Full Ecology to take the stage again - this...

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The Ecology of Poetry

This is our friend, Janice Gould. She died with pancreatic cancer on June 28 of this year. She'd turned 70 on April 1. Too soon gone, and no less pure a blessing to the people and other beings who knew her. Janice lived Full Ecology. She walked the curve of this...

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One of the things that seems especially characteristic of people is our capacity for self-reflection. It's a byproduct of being able to think. We can participate in our lives and observe ourselves and our circumstances at the same time. It's a super handy skill. When...

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Benevolent Disinterest

There is a guiding principle from ancient Hinduism – neti neti – not this, not that. We’ve really grown fond of this ancient method of inquiry. Like Hindu sages have suggested for thousands of years, it can be a reliable prompt for freeing ourselves from traps of the...

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