What are the beliefs that run you as an individual. What are the beliefs that run us as families and communities, as economies and governments? In particular, what’s the story with believing we’re
separate and distinct from nature?
Separate and distinct from, well, really everybody?

Ask is the behavior that looks into these questions.
Where did all of this come from?
What’s the payoff that keep you, and all of us, acting from me stories – what about me? me first!

 To reclaim human nature you have to do this asking. And the asking contributes immediately to the health of social ecology: the relationships you have with others, and, more immediately, with yourself.

Drawing on Full Ecology,
we provide customized guidance to engage ASKing for:

Building relationship
Improving effectiveness

Improving communication
Fostering collaboration
Resolving conflict

Grounding our work in compelling insights from cutting-edge environmental science provides groups and individuals with powerful and reliable metaphors to guide culture revision, responsiveness, and resilience.

Companies & Non-profits
We support planning and evaluation, leadership development and, in general, work with heart.

Colleges & Universities
We provide administrative consultation as well as week-long interdisciplinary programs combining public lectures, class visits, faculty, student and alumni conversations.

Yes, you. As a leader, as a human dedicated to the solution. You as nature, in nature.

Notes from the Chiricahua Desert

3/15/2020 – Tucson, AZ Imagine a roundabout. You know, those increasingly prolific traffic management schemes that involve driving counterclockwise in a circle to proceed in any direction. Over this past week, thanks to Orion Magazine and the Omega Institute, we were...

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The Virus

We’re getting ready to head into the deep wilderness of southeastern Arizona – a week at the American Museum of Natural History reasarch station. A week of teaching with "Orion in the Wilderness" – Orion Magazine, that is. Gary is on for working with a group of...

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Video Update from the Rio Grande Valley

3/6/2020 – Las Cruces, NM On we go, listening and learning from the people. All along the way, no matter what, the land never stops teaching. Deep roots are recommended. Water. Breathing room. We took a short break from the road yesterday just as we came into another...

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New Mexico into Texas

2/19/2020 – Las Vegas, NM We loved finding the Travelers Café on the square of Las Vegas, New Mexico. The manager, for example. We didn’t get her name, but we did watch the precision of interaction among everyone on duty while we were there. Flawless. The manager said...

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First Days on the Road

We're safe in a coffee shop in Pueblo. Made it onto the highway after the snow and ice in Colorado Springs last night. Only rain falling now. True to form, it's all improv on this trip. A lot like nature.  Along the way, we're listening. Here's some of what we've...

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Conversations from the Climate Highway

We're on our way! Packing up Pearl the van and heading out to listen to what you have to say about climate and community.  We'll start in Sheridan, Wyoming and then head to the Denver area. From there we'll make our way to Texas with stops in Dallas, Denton, Austin,...

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By now – two weeks and counting into the new year, we’re already finding ourselves at the, Can I really follow through on what I resolved? part of the program. The turning of a year can’t help but bring up possibilities for revision, for improvement. Those ideas often...

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The Light Still Shining

Today marks the winter solstice. From this time of deep darkness our attention is naturally drawn to the glittering guidance of whatever scattered light there is. All the while beneath ground, teeming activity is underway to fortify and prepare root systems of giant...

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Gratitude for what Sustains

Maybe you’re gathering with family this weekend. Maybe with friends. And maybe you’re spending the time alone. Whatever the case, there’s little denying the tensions surrounding Thanksgiving in 2019. In these days of public discord, usual glitches in the ways we are...

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Thinking Nature

NOTE: Gary's book The Eight Master Lessons of Nature is out as of October 22 - in the US with Dutton, and in Dutch translation with Ten Have. We just returned from the Netherlands for a rich round of interviews and for team Full Ecology to take the stage again - this...

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