Full Ecology

Full Ecology is the revitalizing work of social, cultural psychologist Mary M Clare and science writer Gary Ferguson. Joining the best thinking from their respective disciplines, the couple reveal a powerful antidote to modern-day disconnect – the wild and simple act of reclaiming your relationship with nature. Your human nature. With Full Ecology they invite you to explore strategies for restoring relationship with the natural world – strategies that have immediate application for relationships with others and with yourself. Right here and now, in the middle of these insistently busy lives Gary and Mary lead us into the essential instructions of nature. The nature that surrounds us. The nature we so easily forget we ARE.

Full Ecology Immersion Experience

Full Ecology Immersion Experiences are designed to reconnect you with your essential human nature through guided direct experience. To deep wisdom, joy, and wholeness. Instead of therapy, instead of vacations that can yield more exhaustion than respite, choose a retreat that returns you to your innate sense of belonging and reliable inner knowing.

Our latest book to be released October 22

A riveting manifesto for the millions of people who long to forge a more vital, meaningful connection to the natural world to live a better, more fulfilling life
Looking around at the world today—a world of skyscrapers, super highways, melting ice caps, and rampant deforestation—it is easy to feel that humanity has actively severed its ties with nature. It’s no wonder that we are starving to rediscover a connection with the natural world.

With new insights into the inner workings of nature’s wonders, Gary Ferguson presents a fascinating exploration into how many of the most remarkable aspects of nature are hardwired into our very DNA. What emerges is a web of connections that holds powerful clues about how to better navigate our daily lives.

“This beautiful book will make your genes ache with homesickness for the mystery we sprang from. Luckily, it’s waiting right outside. Let Gary Ferguson take you there. You’ll remember, and you’ll thank him.”

                           —Alan Weisman
author The World Without Us and Countdown

Full Ecology Tedx Talk Bozeman

Watch the TedX Talk that introduces Full Ecology. Mary M. Clare and Gary Ferguson, offer that while we are at the most technologically advanced point in human history, we are also at the most socially disconnected time. Studies in both human psychology and ecology have shown that when we’re connected and collaborative we are better able to support one another.




A brief introduction to Gary & Mary and to the essence of Full Ecology.


Wildfire is increasing in frequency, intensity and impact. Full Ecology offers reliable guidance in troubling, even terrifying times.


Full Ecology takes guidance from wisdom across time and traditions as it points to the concordance of what we know inside ourselves with what we see outside.

Benevolent Disinterest

There is a guiding principle from ancient Hinduism – neti neti – not this, not that. We’ve really grown fond of this ancient method of inquiry. Like Hindu sages have suggested for thousands of years, it can be a reliable prompt for freeing ourselves from traps of the...

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Leaning on What We Know – Loving What we Don’t

What can you tell from a hydrangea in full bloom? Maybe something about beauty - something about reliability in the big middle of uncertainty. Maybe something about hanging in there - about stepping out of the way of your own magnificence. Since, there it is, whether...

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Why Intensive Retreats?

If you're on our mailing list, you've been seeing initial word of two retreats we're pulling together. One in mid September in Yellowstone country - a weekend. And another a full week in Guanajuato, Mexico next February. But why retreats? And this...

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Wilderness Rangers – Stewards of Our Public Lands

In 1905, management of U.S. forest reserves was transferred from the General Land Office of the Interior Department to the Bureau of Forestry, and thereafter named the United States Forest Service. Some of the most beautiful and precious of these lands are tended by...

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Inquire to Break Through

Full Ecology can best be found in the times and spaces that on most days you tend not even to see. Sort of like the Chinese ancients observed long ago when they wrote only fish cannot know water. There are circumstances sustaining human life that none of us tends to...

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Listening – Learning

Here in this sweep of valley ringed by mountains, there are .. finally .. undeniable signs of spring. Every year, the emergence of this season equates with a rekindling, a renewal of human spirit. It’s something to do with having made it through the dark time – the...

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THIS. A Full Ecology Blog

We thought we’d jump in with our first Full Ecology blog during EARTH WEEK – you know, the week that follows Earth Day? Monday, April 22 was the 49th time people have formally joined together across communities and countries (now more than 190) to celebrate the...

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