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Full Ecology is the revitalizing work of social, cultural psychologist Mary M Clare and science writer Gary Ferguson. Joining the best thinking from their respective disciplines, the couple reveal a powerful antidote to modern-day disconnect – the wild and simple act of reclaiming your relationship with nature. Your human nature. With Full Ecology they invite you to explore strategies for restoring relationship with the natural world – strategies that have immediate application for relationships with others and with yourself. Right here and now, in the middle of these insistently busy lives Gary and Mary lead us into the essential instructions of nature. The nature that surrounds us. The nature we so easily forget we ARE.

Dear All,
Here we are – all together in the spring of 2020.
COVID-19 has us in our places, each of us vital as a part of the whole.
It’s just the truth – the truth of you – in nature, as nature.
And as ever, the natural world is right here for you. 

Here’s what we’re offering to help along the way. 
gary & mary



Full Ecology Update 


Early each month, we’ll post a publicly accessible video with an update on what
the natural world, including humans, is up to. What we know now
that we didn’t know last month. What you can be doing this month
to support and live from the best of your human nature.
Click here for the April, 2020 Update


Full Ecology Deep Dive


These monthly conversations offer a deeper dive into bridging learning with action
to meet the challenges of climate change. Interactive inquiry sessions
are live streamed, and open to members of the 
Full Ecology Outlook,
a cyber portal currently under development.
We are piloting these conversations FOR FREE for the next few months.
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Full Ecology Focus


Small Group Workshops focused on the fundamentals of the 4 Behaviors
and the 8 Instructions.
These five-week workshop series provide opportunity for personal inquiry
and practical experience with cultivating your human nature.
The web-based workshops will be limited to 10 participants, 
and discounted for Outlook members.
Again, We are piloting this format FOR FREE for the next few months.
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Recent and upcoming publications!


A riveting manifesto for the millions of people who long to forge a more vital, meaningful connection to the natural world to live a better, more fulfilling life.


Award-winning. “The beauty is on every page. A big-hearted soul-searching memoir about grief and ritual and identity.” LA Times


A deeper look into the integral connection between humans and nature. Here is a guide to the path forward in these challenging times. ~Forthcoming, Heyday Books.

Science writer Gary Ferguson has been exploring the natural world and sharing it through writing for over thirty years and 26 books.  Across those same years, Mary M Clare was deep in investigation of social, cultural and developmental psychology as they apply to supporting people in everyday lives. 

With Full Ecology, the two combine their considerable forces to address the increasingly urgent realities of climate change. 

Full Ecology at the

International Brainwash Festival: Amsterdam

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be
to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
~T. S. Eliot

Building from the 8 INSTRUCTIONS of the natural world Mary & Gary create customized workshops, keynotes and retreats for professional organizations, community groups, businesses, and higher education. As Eliot suggests, the truth that is most our own can be the thing that is most foreign to us. Full Ecology reveals 4 BEHAVIORS natural to humans that make the lessons of the natural world available for guiding and inspiring our lives. Mary & Gary show how these lessons support the expression of human nature in action and in relationship.

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Watch the TEDx Talk that introduces Full Ecology. Mary & Gary urge us to reclaim our human nature. When we live from connection we are better able to support each other and the living world that supports us.


Wildfire is increasing in frequency, intensity and impact. Full Ecology offers reliable guidance in troubling, even terrifying times.


Full Ecology takes guidance from wisdom across time and traditions as it points to the concordance of what we know inside ourselves with what we see outside.