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“Mary M Clare and Gary Ferguson offer an eloquent truth: To be disconnected from the rest of nature is to be alienated from our true selves. The health of all life, and the planet itself comprise one health, indivisible.”

Richard Louv, author of Our Wild Calling and Last Child in the Woods

Full Ecology is a project devoted to using the wisdom of nature to guide us through a world battered by the upheavals of climate change. It is the revitalizing work of social psychologist Mary M Clare and science writer Gary Ferguson. Weaving together their respective disciplines, the couple reveals a powerful antidote to modern-day disconnect – the wild and simple act of reclaiming your relationship with the natural world. Your human nature. With Full Ecology they invite you to explore strategies for restoring your kinship with nature – strategies that have immediate application for relationships with other people and with yourself. Right here and now, in the middle of these precious lives, Gary & Mary lead us into the essential instructions of nature. The nature that surrounds us. The nature we so easily forget we ARE.

Dear All,
Here we are in 2022. We continue to trust COVID-19 is becoming less dangerous.
We’re sure it’s given us new skills for living with unpredictable events in health and in our climate, even if we don’t know exactly what they are. All the while, democracy continues demanding that we pay attention. Urgent and necessary calls for social and environmental justice make clear that each and every one of us
is vital as a part of the whole.

As ever, the natural world keeps our hearts beating. Interdependence is our lifeline.
Nature is the reliable guide.


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[Rescheduled from summer 2021]

June 19-23

Who are You Now?
The Full Ecology of Getting Clear in Wild Times

Give yourself five rejuvenating days right up next to the wild spectacle
of southwestern Montana. Here in these times of such uncertainty,
listen, learn and breath deep among the grasses and birdlife, the wetlands
and mountain ranges on the JbarL Ranch in the Centennial Valley.
~enrollment limited~


Also, we’ve been producing a Podcast –
HOW IT LOOKS FROM HERE – Life in the time of Climate Change.
Listen in on these lively and timely conversations with people from all walks of life.
Each offers insight and refreshing uplift.
Check them out here.

Gary & Mary

Full Ecology Update

Early each month, we’ll post a publicly accessible video with an update on what the natural world, including humans, is up to. What we know now that we didn’t know last month. What you can be doing this month to support and live from the best of your human nature.

Full Ecology Focus

Online courses focused on the fundamentals of the 4 Behaviors & the 8 Instructions. These LIVE and pre-recorded courses provide opportunity for personal inquiry and practical experience with cultivating your human nature.
Check out our current course offerings and introductory pricing.

Full Ecology Deep Dive

These monthly conversations offer a deeper dive into bridging learning with action to meet the challenges of climate change. Interactive sessions are live streamed. Deep Dives happen the second Tuesday of every month @ 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Inquire for more information.

Full Ecology Connection

The Full Ecology Connection is a membership that offers a cyber portal through which you can connect with us and others in active community. Together we’re better able to reclaim and live well from our human nature.


We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
~T. S. Eliot

Building from the 8 INSTRUCTIONS of the natural world Mary & Gary create customized workshops, keynotes and retreats for professional organizations, community groups, businesses, and higher education. As Eliot suggests, the truth that is most our own can be the thing that is most foreign to us. Full Ecology reveals 4 BEHAVIORS natural to humans that make the lessons of the natural world available for guiding and inspiring our lives. Mary & Gary show how these lessons support the expression of human nature in action and in relationship.

“Kudos and massive gratitude to Mary & Gary for bringing the concepts of Full Ecology to the general population.”
Linda Grimm, certified public accountant


Full Ecology is one of the most important books ever written on the climate crisis. Honest, eloquent, touching, free of acronyms and jargon, it goes straight to the heart of cause and cure, the profound disconnect from each other and the natural world. Mary Clare and Gary Ferguson enfold our hopes, fears, and confusion into the splendor and beauty of the natural world from where we can see, feel, and understand how to meet this extraordinary moment in human history.” PAUL HAWKEN, editor of Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming and author of Blessed Unrest and Regeneration

A riveting manifesto for the millions of people who long to forge a more vital, meaningful connection to the natural world to live a better, more fulfilling life.


Award-winning. “The beauty is on every page. A big-hearted soul-searching memoir about grief and ritual and identity.” LA Times

Science writer Gary Ferguson has been exploring the natural world and sharing it through writing for over thirty years and 26 books.  Across those same years, Mary M Clare was deep in investigation of social, cultural and developmental psychology as they apply to supporting people in everyday lives.

With Full Ecology, the two combine their considerable forces to address the increasingly urgent realities of climate change. 

Full Ecology at the International Brainwash Festival: Amsterdam

Join Mary Clare and Gary Ferguson in their exploration of our relationship with the natural world at Amsterdam’s Brainwash Festival.

Full Ecology TEDx Talk: Bozeman Montana

Watch the TEDx Talk that introduces Full Ecology. Mary & Gary urge us to reclaim our human nature. When we live from connection, we are better able to support each other and the living world that supports all of us.

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