Full Ecology Connection

Here we are – all together in the late spring of 2020.
COVID-19 still has us in our places, each of us vital as a part of the whole.

It’s just the truth – the truth of you – in nature, as nature.
And as ever, the natural world is right here for you. 

Here’s what we’re offering to help along the way.
Connection membership and classes are currently listed with suggested donations.
Thank you sincerely for supporting our work. 
gary & mary

The FULL ECOLOGY CONNECTION is a monthly membership program –
a closer-in community of people committed to reclaiming human nature.
Your membership subscription gives you access to:

~The Full Ecology Deep Dive – monthly live chats with Gary & Mary,
~Discounts on tuition for the Full Ecology Focus courses they offer,
~A video library available only to CONNECTION members,
~Mp3s of guided meditations and readings, updated often, from their written work.
-A web-based Community Forum.


Support our work with a full-year of membership
and receive by mail a copy of Mary’s book
100 Voices – Americans Talk about Change.


$25.00                                          $250.00 
                                                                     two months free

-Please use DONATE button to subscribe.
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Member access to
Full Ecology Deep Dive


These monthly conversations, available only to Connection members, offer deeper
investigation of ways for bridging knowledge, ideas and  action
for meeting the challenges of climate change.
These interactive inquiry sessions are live streamed, and open to members of the
Full Ecology Connection,
a cyber portal.
Sign up HERE.

Member discounts for

Full Ecology Focus

Small Group Workshops 
on the fundamentals of
the 8 Instructions and the 4 Behaviors.

– The LIVE five-week workshop series provide opportunity to
join with Mary & Gary
for interactive inquiry 
and practical experience with cultivating your human nature.
The LIVE web-based workshops are limited to 10 participants,
and discounted for Connection members.
Learn more and sign up HERE.

– Video and/or audio recordings of the Full Ecology Focus courses
are also available, ready for listening any time,
and also discounted for Connection members.

Full Ecology Connection Video Library

Here you will find videos available to Connection members.
We refresh this library regularly. What you see today may not be available in the coming months,
but all of these videos hold content that is difficult to find anywhere but in this collection.

Full Ecology Connection Mp3s

For inspiration and for keeping it all real, these recordings contain meditations 
as well as Gary & Mary’s readings from published essays.
Some of these recordings remain because we’ve heard from you
that they have endurance when it comes to being helpful tools.
Others are refreshed often. 

Take a listen.

Full Ecology Community Forum

Take the opportunity to connect with other members of the Full Ecology Connection here.
Collective intelligence is real, in wild nature and in human community.
Connect here and expand everyone’s insight, innovation, and courage
toward action that supports all beings
and the whole of our ecology. 


Full Ecology Update

Just a reminder that, early each month, we post a publicly accessible video

with an update on what the natural world, including humans, is up to.
What we know now that we didn’t know last month.
What you can be doing this month to support the wild world of which you’re a part.
Click here for this month’s Update.

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