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Life in the time of Climate Change

The truth is, life looks different to you than it does to me. The way race, gender, education, work, and everyday circumstances come together in any person…well, it’s different.

Then these days, we’ve got climate change. We’re also got the pandemic, political unrest, inflation and war. COVID-19 cut down our chances for comparing notes to near zero. Now, we’re building back, but it’s slow and it still helps to hear how other people are making sense and making it through.

Hosted by Mary Clare, How It Looks From Here brings you diverse perspectives through engaging interviews. It’s just too easy to think that everyone is feeling the same way: but they’re not. For every person, how it looks from where they are matters. And, with every interview, we’re enriched. It’s helping.

How It Looks From Here is a project of Full Ecology, LLC. Produced by Gary Ferguson and Mary Clare with original music written and performed by Gary Ferguson. Our thanks to Joe Loviska and the Systems Zoo for initial collaboration.

Support for this podcast comes from our listeners, like you.


Listen or watch the video. As Raghu said,“This whole podcast is around what is going on with the environment, what is going on ecologically, what is going on inside us, and our relationship to it and to each other. If we can’t get into a transformation of the polarization and seperation that’s in each one of us—and that is how we relate to other people and the environment—it’s problematic.” 

Here are a few of Raghu’s show notes:

Giving insight into their relationships with each other, with natural world, and the inner-landscape, Mary and Gary explore the threads which brought them together. Gary, with a long background in conservation, environmental science writing, and wilderness exploration; and Mary, with a highly esteemed career as a social scientist; combined their skills, disciplines, passions, and love, to create their new book, Full Ecology, an antidote for reclaiming our relationship with the natural world and human nature.

Touching on the current state of the planet in regards to the climate crisis and coronavirus pandemic, Mary and Gary reveal this silver lining: We are all learning new skills, adapting, and growing through this hardship. Explaining how the deeply-rooted separation myth is tied in with our systemic death denial and institutionalized domination of nature, Mary and Gary illuminate a path to a symbiotic relationship of stewardship and interconnection with our environment, through a recognition of Oneness at the core of our being.


Montana Public Radio’s weekly literary show, The Write Question, is hosted by Sarah Aronson. We thoroughly enjoyed thinking  together with Sarah in this conversation early spring, 2020.

Here are Sarah’s show notes:

Drawing on science, psychology, history, and philosophy, The 8 Master Lessons of Nature will leave readers with feelings of hope, excitement, and joy. Here is what nature has to teach us about mystery and loss, the essential power of diversity, how our animal relatives make us smarter, the fine art of rising again after disruptions, and how the planet’s elders make us better at life.

In this extended conversation, Gary Ferguson and Dr. Mary M Clare offer a unique and refreshing perspective on how nature might guide us through these tumultuous times.

VALLEY VOICES – podcast from KDNK community radio with host Amy Hadden Marsh.

Amy invited us into lively and courageous conversation with her for a series of two episodes in the summer of 2020.

EPISODE 1 – Environmental & Social Justice.
Amy led with this description: Author Gary Ferguson and Dr. Mary Clare talk about Ferguson’s new book The 8 Master Lessons of Nature  and their joint venture Full Ecology. 

EPISODE 2 – The Trees Are Leaning In.
This time, Amy’s introduction went like this:  Author Gary Ferguson and Dr. Mary Clare were guests on Valley Voices on June 26, 2020 and the show was so popular, they agreed to continue the conversation. Today’s show features Ferguson’s new bookThe 8 Master Lessons of Nature and more about Full Ecology. 

Just a reminder that, early each month, we post a publicly accessible video with an update on what the natural world, including humans, is up to.  What we know now that we didn’t know last month.  What you can be doing this month to support the wild world of which you’re a part. Click here for this month’s update.

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