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The Full Ecology Focus is a collection of on-line courses – pre-recorded and LIVE.
These courses  survey, and then provide deeper investigation of the fundamentals of the 8 Instructions & the 4 Behaviors. All in the context of your real life in these real times.

LIVE courses provide opportunity to join with Mary & Gary for interactive inquiry and practical experience cultivating human nature.  Pre-recorded video and/or audio of Full Ecology Focus courses are also catalogued here, ready for viewing any time.


Special pricing for Full Ecology Connection members. 

Full Ecology Overview | Pre-Recorded

This pre-recorded course contains five 15-30 minute sessions, structured to provide a strong introduction to the 4 Behaviors of Full Ecology: STOP – ASK – ACT – INSPIRE.

Here you will find explanation of the whys and hows of climate breakdown and repair. You will have the opportunity to consider the fundamental human behaviors necessary for reviving and fully realciming your human nature. You will learn how this reclamation is personal, and how it provides the ground for relevant action toward solutions.

Our natural environment IS directly affected by our social environments – the ecologies between us and within us.  Solutions reside in your relationship with nature – in the fact of your nature, in nature, as nature.

Find answers. Consider new questions.

Sign up and start watching any time. And when you’re done, know that you have access to this course from here forward. You can check in again as often as you’d like.

Your INTRODUCTORY cost: Only $49FALL SALE 2023 
                                                                       50% off

The Full Ecology of Grief and Hope | Live

How do Full Ecology and  the 8 Instructions of the natural world offer guidance in grief and loss? What do they show of hope? Our times are filled with change and uncertainty – all if it magnified through social unrest, the COVID19 pandemic and continuing climate breakdown. One of the most significant drains to our capacity to respond creatively and well comes from our denial of grief – or, at least, our limited skill for grieving.  

 Sign up for this 4-week live course – 90 minutes weekly with Mary & Gary.  Together we’ll listen for and find the ways nature shows us that grief is not only natural, but is the path for opening the door to true hope. Hope even in times of great loss and confusion. 

 To support your experience, you will receive a set of worksheets for use during the course. You will also retain lifetime access to the video recordings for your reference going forward.

Monday evenings for 4 weeks
February 5, 2024  –  6:00 p.m. MT   

February 26, 2024  –  6:00 p.m. MT 

Your cost: $200   

What Does it Mean to STOP? | Live

To actually STOP can be life changing. Paradoxical as it might seem, your best action begins with a full stop. This ability is yours already. It is essential to your nature.  

Join Mary & Gary for a three-session inquiry into what it means to stop. Through guided meditation, dialogue and homework, you’ll investigate and reclaim ways for quieting bafflement, calming confusion and coming to greater clarity about what to do.

First you stop. All else follows from that. 

3 weekly, hour-long sessions.
Sunday, March 3, 2024  –  5:00 p.m. MT

Sunday, March 17, 2024  –  5:00 p.m. MT  

Your cost: $150   

The Full Ecology of Social Justice | Live

A four-week live course with Gary & Mary exploring each of the 8 Instructions of the natural world as they apply to matters of social justice.  Here you will find ways of changing and strengthening your contribution to justice for all people. We will stand with the activists for fairness and full respect for Black Americans – for Black lives. We’ll share interviews we’ve recorded with “Black outside” and Native American  activists, as well as links to print and video resources.  Drawing on full kinship with the natural world, participants will  identify immediate ways for listening, learning and acting to establish and sustain anti-racist community.

4 weekly hour-long sessions.

Rescheduling soon.


Rescheduling soon.

Your cost:  suggested donation $100 – all are welcome.

Full Ecology – Meditation & Inquiry | Live

A time to quiet – to rest in the company and clarity of community.

The human world is disrupted. Uncertainty and bafflemant are everyday fare. It’s a good time to anchor. To listen.

Once a month, on the third Thursday, we’ll hold an open meeting for shared silence and inquiry facilitated by Mary on Zoom. 

Register by clicking below and you’ll receive a notice before each session along with the information you need to sign in.  

 ~ One hour

Date/Time as announced
         (contact connect@fullecology.com with inquiries) 

 Your cost:  optional min. donation $10 – all are welcome.

Charting Your Personal Course | Live

One-hour sessions for individuals, couples, friends, colleagues.  Clear the way. Put your burdens down and rest for a while on the ground of the natural world. Listen for the reliable guidance to be found here. 

These sessions center on your particular interests and concerns. With Mary’s facilitation, you’ll investigate your own social and natural ecologies. You’ll gain practical insight into the unnecessary struggles and untapped strengths of your being. 

People who participate in these sessions leave feeling more sustainably at peace, with clearer understandings and greater confidence for their journey.

Each session is recorded for you to download as a reference into the future.

Drop an email to connect@fullecology.com for a free 30 minute consultation so you can get to know Mary a bit.  You can also check Mary’s credentials here. 

Fee:  $200 – or as arranged by sliding scale

Just a reminder that, early each month, we post a publicly accessible video with an update on what the natural world, including humans, is up to.  What we know now that we didn’t know last month.  What you can be doing this month to support the wild world of which you’re a part. Click here for this month’s update.

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