APRIL 29 – MAY 20

When it comes to quiet wisdom, you have everything you need right there with you all the time – you just may not have seen and heard your Inner Elder. In the middle of these cramped and busy lives, you have a safe haven. Come learn how to spend more time there. Feel better. Love your life more regularly. Cozy up to your capacity for peace of mind.

Mondays 5:30 pm – 7 pm

To avoid processing fees, contact Mary M Clare directly at to reserve a spot with in-person payment options.

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April 29th, 5:30 pm – 7 pm

Where you’ve been up to now – why it was weird, difficult, even boring (at times) and downright amazing. How revisiting your own development can transform your perception of both the ‘highs’ and the ‘lows.’


May 6th, 5:30 pm – 7 pm

Considering the spiral of a human life – how wisdom and skill grow even as we bring along all the ways we’ve known before; a look at the freedom that comes with movement from ‘being’ to ‘having’ your tendencies for seeing and acting in the world. Get real with what you have already as resources for going forward with confidence.


May 13th, 5:30 pm – 7 pm

Aka considering midlife, its ‘crises,’ its triumphs and its necessity when it comes to Elderhood. Taking inventory of what you’ve come to believe about midlife: what to keep, what to let go, and what to insist on.


May 20th, 5:30 pm – 7 pm

Your personal access to the unique superpower of your Inner Elder. Fortifying the main line to your inner knowledge. Leave the series with reliable ways for connecting and listening to the wisdom that’s always there.

Mary M Clare
Mary M Clare PhD has taught and trained therapists at the graduate level for 30 years. She is a fan of Peace, Integrity, Community and Elderhood. Her goal and passion is to help people in educational, therapeutic and other leadership roles listen and find calm – inside themselves and in their many relations. She is fundamentally interested in the reclamation of deep spirit. It is your birthright.

To avoid processing fees, contact Mary M Clare directly at to reserve a spot with in-person payment options.

Gratitude for what Sustains

Maybe you’re gathering with family this weekend. Maybe with friends. And maybe you’re spending the time alone. Whatever the case, there’s little denying the tensions surrounding Thanksgiving in 2019. In these days of public discord, usual glitches in the ways we are...

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Thinking Nature

NOTE: Gary's book The Eight Master Lessons of Nature is out as of October 22 - in the US with Dutton, and in Dutch translation with Ten Have. We just returned from the Netherlands for a rich round of interviews and for team Full Ecology to take the stage again - this...

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The Ecology of Poetry

This is our friend, Janice Gould. She died with pancreatic cancer on June 28 of this year. She'd turned 70 on April 1. Too soon gone, and no less pure a blessing to the people and other beings who knew her. Janice lived Full Ecology. She walked the curve of this...

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One of the things that seems especially characteristic of people is our capacity for self-reflection. It's a byproduct of being able to think. We can participate in our lives and observe ourselves and our circumstances at the same time. It's a super handy skill. When...

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Benevolent Disinterest

There is a guiding principle from ancient Hinduism – neti neti – not this, not that. We’ve really grown fond of this ancient method of inquiry. Like Hindu sages have suggested for thousands of years, it can be a reliable prompt for freeing ourselves from traps of the...

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Leaning on What We Know – Loving What we Don’t

What can you tell from a hydrangea in full bloom? Maybe something about beauty - something about reliability in the big middle of uncertainty. Maybe something about hanging in there - about stepping out of the way of your own magnificence. Since, there it is, whether...

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Why Intensive Retreats?

If you're on our mailing list, you've been seeing initial word of two retreats we're pulling together. One in mid September in Yellowstone country - a weekend. And another a full week in Guanajuato, Mexico next February. But why retreats? And this...

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Wilderness Rangers – Stewards of Our Public Lands

In 1905, management of U.S. forest reserves was transferred from the General Land Office of the Interior Department to the Bureau of Forestry, and thereafter named the United States Forest Service. Some of the most beautiful and precious of these lands are tended by...

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Inquire to Break Through

Full Ecology can best be found in the times and spaces that on most days you tend not even to see. Sort of like the Chinese ancients observed long ago when they wrote only fish cannot know water. There are circumstances sustaining human life that none of us tends to...

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