Full Ecology is one of the most important books ever written on the climate crisis. Honest, eloquent, touching, free of acronyms and jargon, it goes straight to the heart of cause and cure, the profound disconnect from each other and the natural world. Mary Clare and Gary Ferguson enfold our hopes, fears, and confusion into the splendor and beauty of the natural world from where we can see, feel, and understand how to meet this extraordinary moment in human history.”
PAUL HAWKEN, editor of Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming and author of Blessed Unrest and Regeneration

Full Ecology is full of hope and wisdom. It is a much-needed guide to caring for ourselves and our community by caring for nature.”
ALICE WATERS, American Chef

“At a time when we’re all so busy being ‘productive,’ separated from our very nature, these two lovers of the natural world have created a survivors’ guide. And it’s a God-send. The first step is to stop and open the pages of this tender book. Then let it take you where you need to go, nurturing you along the rocky way.”
SISTER HELEN PREJEAN, author Dead Man Walking and River of Fire: Becoming an Activist

“Mary M Clare and Gary Ferguson offer an eloquent truth: To be disconnected from the rest of nature is to be alienated from our true selves. The health of all life, and the planet itself comprise one health, indivisible.”  
author of Our Wild Calling and Last Child in the Woods

There is a LOT of wisdom in this small book. Beautifully written, easy to digest, and thoroughly enjoyable from cover to cover.”
Dan DeFigio

Their writing and collaboration has and will continue to transport listeners right to the seat of their own common sense. Beautiful and moving.”
Beth Anne Austein, Montana Public Radio

“Beautifully organic. I’ve been to many conferences where I’ve heard keynotes. I’ve never heard a couple. It was mesmerizing – the content as well as the relationship. These days we need to learn so much about relationship.”
Mara Kavanaugh, therapist

“Writer Gary Ferguson and social psychologist Dr. Mary Clare are the perfect duo for liberal arts colleges and other communities that value interdisciplinary conversations. They engage a wide audience, grappling with issues of race, gender, and class that are often overlooked in discussions of environmental justice.”
Scott Nadelson, English department chair, Willamette University

“The way they present together shows us what Full Ecology is – what it looks like. We were engaged in and enlightened by their co-facilitation of the keynote. A huge value-added component to have them both.”
Gil Hallows, executive director Legacy Outdoor Adventures

“Thank you for offering an alternative to simply thinking of Elderhood as becoming old. One particularly valuable aspect of your focus, I think, is that you refrain from sugar-coating the really hard parts of longer life, even as you emphasize positive dimensions. Your calm, grace-full, generous presence complements your message so well.”
Linda Clark, Lifelong learning program organizer

“So wonderful – truly wonderful!! We all agreed there could not have been a better program . . .”
Carrie Coogan, Deputy Director for Public Affairs, Kansas City Public Library

“The best, most authentic and captivating energy I’ve experienced from a team keynote. They made it clear that the beauty we see outside in nature is inside, too – something we can rely on to show us what self-care means. Totally inspiring.”
John Kasbe, independent film maker

Their work is prescient and so relevant to creating new maps for how we might emerge and create new possibilities in the wake of this pandemic.”
Barb Holliday, somatic bodyworker

“I love how Mary & Gary draw from nature in this inquiry.  It is NOT A STRETCH at all.  How our lungs receive vital nutrients from trees; the miracle of the sun producing Vitamin D, so critical to health.  Now, I am integrating that awareness in my life. “
Barb Morgenstern, attorney

“Kudos and massive gratitude to Mary and Gary for bringing the concepts of Full Ecology to the general population.”
Linda Grimm, certified public accountant

“It was a treat to hear and watch Gary and Mary co-facilitate such a fantastic topic. I loved the clarity of theirdiscussion of mentorship and the wisdom of the land. This was a very special event for me, a true emerging from vision to actualization.”
Tim Walsh, outdoor educator and recovery coach


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