Virtual Book Club – 8Master Lessons | Live

$150 3-Week Live Course – Mondays, September 14-28, 2020

Participate in three live on-line conversations with author, Gary Ferguson. Registration for the event also includes a signed copy of The Eight Master Lessons of Nature.

This beautiful book will make your genes ache with homesickness for the mystery we sprang from. Luckily, it’s waiting right outside.  Let Gary Ferguson take you there. You’ll remember, and you’ll thank him. —Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us and Countdown

I saw truth. I saw beauty, I saw a better future in these pages. —John Lewis-Stempel, author of the bestselling Meadowland, The Running Hare, The Wood and Still Water

In these days of uncertainty – of social unrest, COVID-19, economic instability and the persistence of climate breakdown, it’s easy to lose heart. The current barriers to being physically connected with community makes this time harder still. And yet, through it all, the natural world has never abandoned us. There’s astonishing wisdom to be found in nature – and it resides in you, too.

Register here to join Gary Ferguson and his partner in Full Ecology (URL), social scientist Mary M Clare, for three live interactive sessions focused on living out the master lessons of the natural world.


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