Gary Ferguson

Best-selling science writer and keynote speaker, Gary Ferguson, began his career chronicling the tracks humans leave in nature. Today, though, the author who Publishers Weekly calls “ever-evocative” says he’s working “to portray the tracks nature leaves in us.” Ferguson’s much-anticipated new book, due out in 2019 from Penguin Random House, is called The Eight Master Lessons of Nature. In this work Ferguson shines a powerful new light on the dazzling processes that nourish the creative powers of nature. And further, what these processes have to teach us about how we can better navigate our own lives. Learn more…

Mary Clare

From Oregon, via Texas, California, Georgia, Nebraska, and Montana, Mary M Clare, Ph.D., brings her lifelong passion for the natural world together with a 30-year career as a social and cultural psychologist. A fellow in the American Psychological Association with over 100 scholarly articles and two books, she opens doorways for considering how the natural world around and inside of us can be tapped as a guiding force for creating more contented and fruitful lives. Her spirited insights and techniques are helping people across the country revive their natural capacities for sustaining creative relationships and drawing on deep resilience in troubling times. Learn more…



Gary & Mary have joined forces to create what they call Full Ecology. Their riveting keynote addresses, workshops and retreats are grounded in an innovative blend of cutting-edge biology, storytelling and social science. These programs are designed to help us step into living more deeply. With intelligence, resilience, and renewed comfort with wild improvisation. Answering the world’s invitation to reclaim our human nature.

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out with questions about bookings and workshops, or simply with queries about the ways Full Ecology is natural to your relationships, your work and your life.

Listening – Learning

Here in this sweep of valley ringed by mountains, there are .. finally .. undeniable signs of spring. Every year, the emergence of this season equates with a rekindling, a renewal of human spirit. It’s something to do with having made it through the dark time – the...

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THIS. A Full Ecology Blog

We thought we’d jump in with our first Full Ecology blog during EARTH WEEK – you know, the week that follows Earth Day? Monday, April 22 was the 49th time people have formally joined together across communities and countries (now more than 190) to celebrate the...

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