What are the beliefs that run you as an individual. What are the beliefs that run us as families and communities, as economies and governments? In particular, what’s the story with believing we’re
separate and distinct from nature?
Separate and distinct from, well, everybody, everything?

Ask is the behavior that looks into these questions.
Where did all of this come from?
What are the payoffs that keep you, and all of us, acting from me stories – 
what about me? me first!

 To reclaim human nature you slow to Ask. And asking contributes immediately to the health of social ecology: the relationships you have with others, and, more immediately, with yourself.

Drawing on Full Ecology,
we provide customized guidance as you as you
Stop & Ask

Building relationship
Improving effectiveness

Improving communication
Fostering collaboration
Resolving conflict

Grounding our work in compelling insights from cutting-edge environmental science gives groups and individuals access to powerful and reliable metaphors to guide cultural revision, responsiveness, and resilience.

Companies & Non-profits
We support planning and evaluation, leadership development and, in general, work with heart.

Colleges & Universities
We provide administrative consultation as well as week-long interdisciplinary programs combining public lectures, class visits, faculty, student and alumni conversations.

Yes, you. As a leader, as a human dedicated to the solution. You as nature, in nature.

Look to the Tops of Trees – a Solstice Offering

Look to the Tops of Trees – a Solstice Offering

These are not easy days. Here in the northern hemisphere, nearing winter solstice, we’re deep in the cold and dark. Add to that the count – ten months of COVID-19. Like the dark, the pandemic is here with us. So are other circumstances – embers of rumination and...

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COVID in the House

COVID in the House

Well. We’ve got it. We who, since mid-March, have essentially cloistered – masked, sanitized, distanced. We even disinfect our keys and doorknobs. How in the world did this virus find us? It did. Our symptoms are quite light. We’ll make it fine. But, like you, we have...

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Call & Response

Call & Response

In a functioning ecology, the dialogue between wound and medicine is ongoing; there is a call and response always happening.  Francis Weller Do chickens or the eggs come first? They do.   Am I living or dying? You are.  So, it goes and goes. Call and response. The...

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BLM/PDX – Both/And

BLM/PDX – Both/And

Keep your eyes on the prize. Alice Wine, 1956 Human Social Ecology – The ways we’re in relation with each other. The ecologies of intimacy – of family, friendship, neighborhood, community. Both/And – Holding as worthy, two or more perspectives that appear to be at...

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Whiteness in Nature

Whiteness in Nature

We’re in baffling times. Most of us care deeply – really deeply – about justice for all. We’re profoundly compelled by the urgency to stop the systematic oppression of Black lives. Plenty of information floods social and public media advising white people how to be...

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