You can see by this website that we offer programs from keynotes to workshops to retreats to consultations. Each is specifically designed to reflect back to you who you are and what you have. Each is dedicated to inspiring you to reclaim your human nature by recognizing your birthright as a being of the natural world. This is more than a feel-good experience. It’s both absolutely practical and urgently relevant. To your wellbeing, to the wellbeing of your loved ones and community, and to the wellbeing of our planet.


The only way we know we’ve succeeded is through you. We’re only as inspiring as you are.

This is not to put pressure. In fact, that would be in direct contradiction to the 8 INSTRUCTIONS. It would be the opposite of Full Ecology. Likely you underestimate the inspiration you are for people who cross your path. As you consider your own Full Ecology, as you pay attention within and without, your natural action in the world will follow. You, by nature, already live in concert with many of the 8 INSTRUCTIONS. By nature, you are built to inspire as much as the eagle on the wing, or the sprout breaking through its topsoil.

But, don’t believe us. Check it out for yourself.

Leaning on What We Know – Loving What we Don’t

What can you tell from a hydrangea in full bloom? Maybe something about beauty - something about reliability in the big middle of uncertainty. Maybe something about hanging in there - about stepping out of the way of your own magnificence. Since, there it is, whether...

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Why Intensive Retreats?

If you're on our mailing list, you've been seeing initial word of two retreats we're pulling together. One in mid September in Yellowstone country - a weekend. And another a full week in Guanajuato, Mexico next February. But why retreats? And this...

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Wilderness Rangers – Stewards of Our Public Lands

In 1905, management of U.S. forest reserves was transferred from the General Land Office of the Interior Department to the Bureau of Forestry, and thereafter named the United States Forest Service. Some of the most beautiful and precious of these lands are tended by...

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Inquire to Break Through

Full Ecology can best be found in the times and spaces that on most days you tend not even to see. Sort of like the Chinese ancients observed long ago when they wrote only fish cannot know water. There are circumstances sustaining human life that none of us tends to...

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Listening – Learning

Here in this sweep of valley ringed by mountains, there are .. finally .. undeniable signs of spring. Every year, the emergence of this season equates with a rekindling, a renewal of human spirit. It’s something to do with having made it through the dark time – the...

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THIS. A Full Ecology Blog

We thought we’d jump in with our first Full Ecology blog during EARTH WEEK – you know, the week that follows Earth Day? Monday, April 22 was the 49th time people have formally joined together across communities and countries (now more than 190) to celebrate the...

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