THIS. A Full Ecology Blog

by Apr 30, 2019

We thought we’d jump in with our first Full Ecology blog during EARTH WEEK – you know, the week that follows Earth Day? Monday, April 22 was the 49th time people have formally joined together across communities and countries (now more than 190) to celebrate the planet.

This place we live with each other – all of us linked through a vast web of connections.

This place, without which, we would never have come to be.

You all know by now that we’re well down the road to initiating what we call Full Ecology; a way of thinking and acting that recognizes each of us actually is the Earth.

The Earth as we know it is the result of life – and that includes us. Full Ecology activates a conversation based on our inclusion – our human nature. This website and our programs provide ways for considering what it means to be part of the way the Earth has naturally, tireless and for countless years been figuring out how to be the best it can be. In that sense our whole beautiful and precious planet is the home of champions. Every one of us, champions – or at least champions in the making.

This raises a question:

How can reclaiming your human nature help you live well in the world?

Before you can answer that, it’s vital that you first check out our claim for yourself. The claim that you are in fact nature.

Here you are, a human being with all manner of identifying features and circumstances. Are you really an expression of the natural world? There are almost infinite ways to consider this.

Take a few moments right now to try this. Let your mind relax, open wide to surveying the living connections that make life possible for you. The phytoplankton in the ocean that create the air you breathe. The layers of soil and stone that filter your water. The insects that pollinate plants you depend on for food. The microbes that live in your stomach, allowing you to squeeze nutrition from everything you eat. And the stock person at the store who is unloading the truck and stacking the produce you need for dinner tonight.

If you agree that you are nature – human nature – the direction and purpose of your choices and actions follow. And this is what Full Ecology is for. To support your inquiry. Here. Now. In this one wild and precious life.*

During Earth Week and every other week, we humans make our way. One way or another, we do our part. Each of us thoroughly interdependent with everything else in the natural world. And all along the way – carrying the amazing human capacity to watch and know ourselves in action.

This is Full Ecology.

*Thanks to epic and beloved poet, Mary Oliver, The Summer Day.