Leaning on What We Know – Loving What we Don’t

by Jul 18, 2019

What can you tell from a hydrangea in full bloom? Maybe something about beauty – something about reliability in the big middle of uncertainty. Maybe something about hanging in there – about stepping out of the way of your own magnificence. Since, there it is, whether you see it or not.

Uncertainty was the second Instruction we saw when we started looking for the ways the natural world shows us who we are. The first was Connection – no life form can live by itself.

Connection is the ground of human existence – as close as human experience comes to certainty. As long as we’re breathing in oxygen from the plants, eating food and having it processed in our bellies by microbes (ones not native to us at birth), strengthening our bones with the light of the sun, we are connected.

But it’s in thoughts and feelings where uncertainty resides. In the end, we just can’t know much. It’s all mystery.


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