Full Ecology in Guanajuato

Resilience where Culture and Nature Meet


February  16 – 23, 2020

10 spots available

Early bird pricing of $250 off through Nov 15

An unforgettable week of learning in the beautiful heart of Mexico.
Join us in the captivating city of Guanajuato, founded in 1554 – a place of soft hills,
soothing rivers and enduring human society. This early spring retreat offers a rare chance to dip into the Full Ecology of the world we share. In the company of each other and the land itself, we will listen, speak, write, wander, and meditate. We will visit with generous local activists who specialize, among other things, in water, bees and culture. Taken together, these experiences will guide us toward unique and vibrant new understandings of human nature.
Of humans as nature within nature. 


Full Ecology Immersion Experiences are designed to reconnect you
with your essential human nature through guided direct experience.
To deep wisdom, joy, and wholeness.

Instead of therapy, instead of vacations that can yield more exhaustion than respite,
choose a retreat that returns you to your innate sense of belonging
and reliable inner knowing.


Husband and wife, Mary & Gary on a winter stroll


Sunday Evening

4 – 6 pm

Arrival & check-in Florecer Casitas

6 – 7 pm

Introductions & light dinner in the courtyard garden

7 – 9 pm

Welcome and preview of our week together, with, we imagine, a story or two.


7 – 8 am
Morning movement with Mary (optional)
8 – 9 am

Breakfast Florecer

9 – 11 am

Morning Session
An introduction to Full Ecology – the themes that will weave through our week in Guanajuato.

11 – 1 pm

Lunch & siestita Florecer

1 – 3 pm

Afternoon Session
Connection and Diversity. A writing and conversation period in preparation for exploration.

3 – 6 pm

Walking INQUIRY – dyads into the city – its neighborhoods, commerce, air, plants, people and animals

6 – 8 pm

Dinner together in Town

8 – 10 pm

Storytelling (optional)
Evening conversation – weaving tales of our time together as it unfolds.


7 – 8 am

Morning movement with Mary (optional)

8 – 9 am
9 – noon

Morning Session
What you found there. Sharing out observations from yesterday’s walking INQUIRY. Introduction of the notion of entering anywhere. 

11 – 1 pm

Lunch & siestita Florecer


–adding details daily, so check in here to get jazzed for

Mary Clare & Gary Ferguson

Across her 30 years of experience as a consultant, professor and scholar, Mary M Clare, Ph.D. has worked to repair the separation that isolates people from each other and from the natural world. In organizations as diverse as government agencies, NGOs, school districts, higher education, she supports high character leadership bridging diverse perspectives and priorities. In communities and families, with individuals and groups she helps people listen across differences. As a Fellow in the American Psychological Association, she has contributed over 100 articles to the scholarly literature and authored two books, most recently 100 Voices – Americans Talk about Change (2011), a book that reveals enduring wisdom and immediate guidance in times of sweeping cultural change. Most recently, she has joined with her husband, science writer, Gary Ferguson, to keynote and run workshops on their shared passion for Full Ecology – Reclaiming Our Human Nature.

Gary Ferguson is the author of 26 books on science and nature. The Los Angeles Times described his recent memoir, The Carry Home: Lessons from the American Wilderness, as “a big-hearted, soul searching memoir”; the work was later selected as “Nature Book of the Year” by the prestigious Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Meanwhile his environmental piece “A Deeper Boom,” in Orion Magazine, received the “Best Essay of the Year” award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Ferguson has been a Seigle Scholar at Washington University, St. Louis as well as the William Kittredge Distinguished Writer at the University of Montana. He continues to be a frequent contributor to a wide variety of publications, including Vanity Fair, Orion and the Los Angeles Times. Most recently he’s joined his wife, social psychologist Mary M. Clare, Ph.D., merging natural and social science in what they call “Full Ecology.”


10 spots available

Early bird pricing of $250 off through November 15
Promo code: EARLY

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