Full Ecology Update #1 – Video Blog

by Apr 4, 2020

FIRST: Thanks to all of you for taking care – of yourselves and of each other. Thanks for going on walks at a safe distance from anyone else who’s walking. Thanks for staying home, mostly, and for being careful and thoughtful when it’s time for a trip to the store. Thanks for washing your hands. Thanks for loving your near and dear ones. Thanks for enduring whatever these days are bringing – for your courage and for your empathy.

When it comes down to it, every day is improvisation, anyway. Change is the constant from birth to death. The entry and presence of COVID-19 has this in our faces. It cuts straight through denial to the essential fact that we’re all connected – with each other and with the whole planet, from its soil to its grains to its water and air, weather, and anomalous, weirdo, scary viruses.

Before all of this came down, we were on the “front porch” of developing some internet-based programs. We’re piloting now, as planned, but in the wildly different circumstances before all of us. Still, we’re posting and sharing in the same spirit we’ve had all along – to offer the ideas and guidance of Full Ecology for your consideration. One thing that’s clear as today’s blue sky is that Full Ecology is about who you are – fundamentally, by nature – and the companionship and guidance available to you in that nature, all the time.

So, here in the big middle of what is real for each of you, and for all of us together is our first monthly FULL ECOLOGY UPDATE. You’ll hear that we had some difficulty with our microphone but with volume up, you should be able to hear. With that in mind, take a look. Send us your thoughts.

And do know that we are in this with you all the way. Learning all the time. Humble in what we thought we knew for sure that we don’t. Grateful for our kinship with the whole wide wild world. Intimidated and afraid at times (this stuff is scary), and comforted every time we look to the truth of our nature – in nature, as nature.

More soon.