Video Update from the Rio Grande Valley

by Mar 6, 2020

3/6/2020 – Las Cruces, NM

On we go, listening and learning from the people.

All along the way, no matter what, the land never stops teaching.

Deep roots are recommended.
Breathing room.

We took a short break from the road yesterday just as we came into another unique stretch of open country. 

“What if we check in from right here?”

So, we made this little light-hearted video.

We all know the news of the day. All too heavy hearted and busy as ever. Listening to the land yesterday, the main message was this: 

You are far more resilient than you may believe. Pay attention. Take care of your relatives at home, in your community, and all around in the natural world. Realize how supported you are every day and take action from there. 

As the youth in Denton, TX said, “Get busy.” We know what to do. But we forget to anchor ourselves in the quiet remembrance of our kindred – all of it. Including the natural world that makes every bit of human theater possible. Our best action begins here.

More soon.